Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekly Warning 2/10/08

I've decided to start a new thingee here on my blog. I do a LOT of stupid stuff. Most of which could be avoided if someone had whacked me over the head with a newspaper or if I had just read directions or advise. Also I do not make this stuff up. These are actual things I have tried or made or whatever.

So here it is--The Introductory Weekly Warning.

You don't really need to put three teaspoons of raspberry syrup into your coffee for flavoring. The people at Starbucks might know a thing or two about this. Just use a dash like the directions say or you might end up with Pepto colored coffee.


Lil Knitter said...

Thanks for tip...believe it or not...that sounds like something I would do.
*making a note about amount needed to add to coffee*


If this inaugural edition of weekly warnings from Christy is a taste of what is to come, then I feel that I will like this addition :)

Do you not trust label directions? Or was it one of those dashes that over-poured into 3 tsp?

Christy B. said...

I just didn't read the directions. I love raspberry so I figured more is better.