Monday, February 11, 2008

Sewing Class: The Final Chapter

It's done. I feel like I've just given birth. Blood, sweat, tears, caffiene, swearing, and some Tylenol (to be honest, I had much more than a Tylenol while giving birth).

Bad me--I didn't do my homework. I was supposed to pull out stitches and re-pin the bottom. So sue me. I had a new car to play with this week. So my punishment was not to write "I will not neglect my Singer to play with shiny new toys" 100 times but nooooo, something much worse. I had to iron. I don't iron at home and there are very good reasons I don't and shouldn't according to the Orange, Texas fire chief. Irons were the inventions by masochists. But I ironed Saturday. Ick. Yuck. Hot and burned fingers.

I soon learned the seam ripper is my best friend and corners are evil. But I received my certificate and was encouraged to sign up for the next class. Clothes. I don't think so. That would mean I have to measure myself and I don't want that kind of depression.

And so Frankenstein's Redneck Tote is done. And it doesn't look too bad. The lining is a cheerful array of bugs. Maybe Igor from Dracula should tote this around instead of Frankenstein. Well, any well dressed monster would be proud to shoulder this fashionable accessory.


Lil Knitter said...

You are much too hard on yourself. That is a totally cute bag that I would carry around everywhere. Cram your stuff in there and sport that bag! It's too cute!


Awww I think its a nice bag! And while you may have burnt and pricked yourself a bit, there have been no emergency room visits (that I know of) so all in all I think your sewing class was a success :)

Jane Doe Jenn said...

It looks like a very fashionable bag - wear it with pride! I would be most happy to! I have never made a bag, but I'm planning on felting one soon.