Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm a mean, mean, mean person.

Zack has developed a hot spot (see this Warning).  And while I am not surprised that he has taken up a nervous habit, I had hoped the vet could prescribe some sort of medication or a lobotomy--whichever is cheapest.

We had to put a halo collar on him this week to prevent him from making the spot worse.  Dave and I--well mostly me--have had a wonderful time telling people different reasons why Zack has this on.

A few of our favorites are:
  • Zack misread the instructions on his new umbrella
  • Zack has decided to be Elizabethean Collie
  • Dave wants all access to college football games on cable but refuses to pay for it.
  • A new invention:  The Catch All Bowl.  A portable way to make sure NO food thrown your way goes to waste.  Act now and you'll receive two Catch All Bowls.  Just pay S & H.
  • Zack is the Catholic Church's newest saint but they ran out of halos.
  • A emergency braking system for my car.  Just let Zack hang out the window and viola, instant stops
  • The sunflower in the new school performance of "Chicken Little"
  • The new sun-tanning sensation
  • A standing water basin designed specifically for chipmunks
Please feel free to add your interpretation of Zack and his new collar.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

Have a safe and hangover-free New Year!  There will be no drinking from me since I know that wine causes pregnancy.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

In anticipation of future hospital visits (Regan wants a karate training room and Wesley is asking for an archery set), I thought I'd wish everyone an early and take your pick depending on your culture or views,

**Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus**

**Happy Hannukah**

**Safe and wonderful Kwanzaa**

**Joyous Festivus**

**Happy Cat Herding Day (12/15) for all the parents or people in charge of impossible tasks.  Sorry I missed your special day**

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Warning: I'm about to become famous.

One day into Christmas vacation, Wesley and Regan are sent to their rooms because of bickering over--get this--who gets to move the Advent Calendar today. A mere seventeen minutes of Christmas peace before Wesley and Regan began their daily arguments. To add insult to injury, I tell them to clean up their rooms since Wesley's Star Wars figurines and accoutrements make him look like a candidate for the hoarder reality show. Regan’s stuffed animal collection (now hovering around 152 minions) are spilling out into the pantry. One poor dragon met an untimely death in a boiling pot of pasta.

"You are the worst Mommy in the World." Wesley wails and crosses his arms for dramatic effect.

Regan, not to be outdone by the King of Melodrama, announces that she would like to be traded to another family. For a moment I envisioned a Major League type swap. For a future draft pick to be named later? For money? With the stomping of feet, she heads to her room to sulk or set up therapy appointments with Dr. Phil via a toy cell phone.

"You are ruining my life." Wesley interjects. "I will not clean up my room. I do not like this. And I do not like you right now. I'm calling DFCS {Department of Family and Children Services which is the child protection agancy in Georgia} and tell them you are ruining my life."

So when I get the the nomination for the Worst Mommy in the World Award for my anger-filled performance in "Ruining Wesley's Life", my fame will spread to all the world. I can just see myself accepting the bad mommy award in prison orange pantsuit via satellite hook up.

I'm off to practice my acceptance speech. "I owe it all to the Advent Calendar and for inspiration for my role, my two former children."

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Warning: Parents say things they never thought they say.

I used to think my mom was sometimes a bit strange. Now I know that her children drove her to Strange-ville. I always thought I would be the "cool" parent. The one the kids go to when they want to have fun. Geez, was I off! Dave and I actually are the parents the neighborhood children whisper about on Halloween. Well, me actually since Dave is sometimes a big kid himself.

Picture one of the neighborhood children whispering covertly. "You know, Bobby once went over to Wesley's to play and he came back with his hair combed." Or "Regan's mom is weird. She told us to jump on their bed."

So this is dedication with love and a great deal of guilt to my mom. These are actual rantings.

"Wesley, get your train out of the toilet."

"If someone does not pick up these toenails, you won't like it if I do."

"Zack, drop that dead chipmunk right now."

"Dave, quit being Diaper Head."

"Regan, your dragon is clogging the shower."

"My lipstick does not belong on the grill."

"Please pick up your Lego shirt."

"How are we going to get the salsa off the ceiling?"

"Yes, Build-A-Bear. What do you recommend to clean pee off one of your animals?"

"For the last time, my bed is not a mixing bowl. Get the beans off."

"I do see it but Regan, you should keep the unicorn out of the microwave."

"Who mixed my Dr. Pepper with the ranch dressing?"

"Why are you pouring hydrogen peroxide on the deck?"

"Get the toilet paper out of your shirt."

"You really need to get the reindeer out of the tree."

And lastly, my personal favorite! "Take that doll out of the dog's water bowl and get your Transformer out of the dog good bag."