Saturday, February 23, 2008

Come Envy Me!

Got not one but two packages for two separate swaps yesterday. Karen from the Scavanger Hunt Swap and Kim from Mystery Theme Swap 2 came through in a fantastic way.

Feast your eyes upon Karen's package! Corn yarn, candy, chocolate (now gone in the belly of a four and forty year old), lavender and Scooby Doo--what more can a girl want? Well, apparently Karen thought I needed more because I get scrapbooking supplies, Southern Living recipes, a knit pattern, stitch markers and new suspense mystery novel as well as the cutest row counter (my favorite part)!

Oh but silly me--there's one more package, Kim mails me a "Ireland" themed package complete with a little Irish blessing which is hanging in my yarn lair/Scooby Doo room, an Irish Hiking Scarf pattern, needles and yummy yarn. Also chocolate galore!!! Which has been consumed. To top it all, tea and an adorable Irish sheep mug. I'm using both of the these right now.

Thank you, Kim and Karen! I love it!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

I think you are going to love the corn yarn . Is it maizy?

THe irish sheep mug is so wonderful