Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Warning: My children will take the gold if whining was an Olympic sport.

Welcome to WhineFest 2012!  This year's contestents are Wesley and Regan.  The official is the Mean Mommy.

Here is the schedule of arguments and whines:

1.  Who gets to pick out their donut first?  (Wesley)
2.  I want to go first getting my hair cut. (Wesley)
3.  Feeding the dogs while throwing a fit. (Regan)
4.  This rare number 2 yellow pencil is mine (Wesley)
5.  What to record on the DVR--Gator Boys or Big Time Rush? (Regan)
6.  This sock is mine.  No it is mine. (Both)
7.  I'm running away to be with a family who appreciates me. (Wesley)
8.  Long division--God's revenge on children (Regan)
9.  I can't get out of the car because my stupid bookbag is blocking the door. (Regan)

Please be advised that whine topics may be subject to change and the official may drink some cheap wine.