Saturday, October 27, 2007

Space Dyeing Tutorial

My friend, Darilee, from Main Street Yarns had come out to my knitting group a few months ago and demonstrated dyeing both submersible and space dyeing. I've already listed the submersible one several posts ago and here is her space dyeing method. I use Wilton Cake Dye for my dye and found it to be pretty reliable.

Space Dyeing Protein Fibers (wool, alpaca, etc)
According to the Guru of Color (Darilee Nelson of Main Street Yarns)

Supplies (once used for dyeing, do not use for anything else)
• Water
• Vinegar
• Salt
• Dye Solution (made from dye stock which is made from dye powder from
• Face Mask
• Rubber gloves
• Saran Wrap
• Salad shooter
• Plastic bowls
• Measuring spoons and cups
• Tongs
• Vegetable steamer
• Dutch oven with lid
• Paint brush or turkey baste tool (Optional)

Soak fiber for 45 minutes in a salt, vinegar and water solution (1tbl salt and 200ml vinegar per 100 g of fiber) in sink

Spin or squeeze excess liquid out. Too much water left in will cause runny colors. On the other hand, it may be a cool design feature you want to incorporate.

Lay out plastic wrap and then lay fiber on wrap.

Make dye stock. Using rubber gloves and face mask mix very slowly 1 tsp dye powder and 32 oz of hot water. You will not use all the stock so store in airtight container.

Make dye solution (2oz of dye stock to 6 oz water equal 8 oz dye solution).

Pour on dye solution. Using rubber gloves, press down to spread dye evenly. You may want to pour the dye on directly or use a paint brush or a basting tool (the kind you use on a turkey)

Package up—honey bun style. Fold in a tube lengthwise end on end. Fold again lengthwise and wrap like a big cinnamon bun. If you fold it any other way, the colors will mix together. On the other hand, this may be another design feature you want. But this defeats the purpose of space dyeing. If all your colors combine to make one color, use the stove top pot one color dye method.

In a large Dutch oven, place a platform of some sort (like a vegetable steamer) in the bottom of the pot. Add one inch of water to pot. Place honey bun wrapped yarn onto the steamer. Cover and steam on low for 15-20 minutes.

It’s okay to open package to let cool but do not shock fiber by using cold water to cool.

Rinse very well and dry.

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