Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's Over...

Like most people, I love Christmas but I'm sure glad the maniac activities are over. I managed to finish knitting all my Christmas presents and am now starting on my mother's birthday present. Easy enough---hold four strands of WW yarn together in complimentary colors on size 50, cast on 36 and knit in stockinette until your hands fall off. I made little pom-poms to attach on the ends.

My hubby was a very good Santa. I got a complete set of Knitpicks Options knitting needles including all the larger needles. I cannot wait to get started on them. My next project is going to be designing my very first dishcloth!!!

Have a safe New Year's!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm pulling out my hair!!

Which might help with my stash. I am in the final stages of Christmas knitting. My mother flew in from Texas last week and being a good daughter, I dropped everything and knit her a new hat and slippers as well as trying to finish up the last blocks of a Christmas afghan/present. Argggghhh!!!!

Tonight is the Christmas party for my local knitting group--The Knit Wits of Georgia. We are have a yarn exchange and potluck dinner at 6 p.m. I'm giving two hanks of recycled silk sari yarn. I still have to find something to bring to the dinner. Arggghhh!!

Then my hubby has surgery this week. Argghhh!!

I also gave blood yesterday with my three year old daughter. Note to self: Never, ever take a three year old with you when you are giving blood. Did you know FDA regulations state no one, not even your three year old daughter who is more interested in digging in your purse can be present while you are answering those Red Cross interview questions?
Also never let your daughter near the head of your little reclining chair while the tech is sticking your arm. Also never let your daughter play near the snack table b/c she will open all the Nutter Butters, take bites out them and spit them out. Argghhhh!!

A note to all: If you knit or crochet, please go to the World War II musuem site. They are collecting scarves for our veterans.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Happy Knitting!!!

OTN: A red Christmas scarf with white fluff on the ends. More blocks for that infernal afghan. A new dishcloth pattern in the shape of a stocking.