Monday, February 18, 2008

Law of Diminishing Yarny Value

I just eagerly started this shawl. Using stash yarn (KP Decadance in Rose) and free pattern so in a strange, roundabout way it's sort of a low cost project.

I know you're thinking, "Hey, goofus, unless someone gave you it to you, the yarn is not free." And you'd normally be correct but I operate on the Hissyknit's Law of Diminishing Yarny Value. It states that the yarn's purchase cost is decreases the longer it sits in your stash. In the most basic terms, I forgot how much I paid for it initially so therefore it's free.

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jenn said...

That's exactly the way I look at it too! I point out to my husband all the gifts that I make that are practically free because I already had the yarn so see isn't it great the way I save us money?