Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Eye Candy for Yarn-o-holics

Feast your eyes! Katsara Yarns are awesome. I just want to run my fingers through them. But, I won't because I have greasy fingers overdosing on Bugles.

Also as you see (and covet) the colorways are fantastic but the actually yarn is soft and very nice to knit (or crochet, if you're in that sort of thing. Personally, I can't crochet but I have discovered crochet hooks are especially painful when caught under your wedding band and finger--but I digress)


Anonymous said...

hiya swapee :) Not to worry I haven't forgotten you at all!!! I am waiting on the arrival of an item before I can send off to you...patience will be rewarded! :)

--your cocoa swap buddy

Lil Knitter said...

That is beautiful stuff! I love those colors.
Oh,'ve been tagged! See my blog for the details.