Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weasel's Scarf

In an earlier post, I wrote about my weasel husband and his almost superhero-like ability to lose knitted items. I started a scarf but wanted something easy but not garter. He's just going to lose or destroy it anyway.

Using size 10.5 needles and a bulky weight yarn (I used the two Louet Riverstone yarns left over from his third hat--but I'm not bitter), cast on 16 stitches in one color of your choice. I started with the gray.

Knit first four rows
Row 5: K4, P4, K8
Repeat for 20 rows total. This will form a strip of stockinette and reverse stockinette on each side, making the scarf semi-reversible.
Switch to other color. I used the dark blue.
First blue row: K8, P4, K4
Knit this for 20 times total.

Continue pattern until it reaches the length you'd like. The pattern makes an elongated basket weave.

Knit last four rows and cast off.

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