Monday, June 4, 2007

Junk Yarn Dog Afghan

I have designed another knit pattern--something to use up my bits and pieces of leftover yarn. At least one strand of Red Heart Super Saver in a burgandy color is knit throughout. It took about 10 skeins of Red Heart plus leftover accent yarn.  If you are using this as a pet blanket, you will need to cut the ends so there will be no chewing/eating/swallowing.  I was lazy and didn't do it before the picure.

Using size 15 circular needles with 60" cord, cast on 130 with one strand of Red Heart Super Saver and one strand of accent yarn (I used recycled silk). Do not join as this is not knit in the round.

Knit one row.

Cut recycled silk and join another strand of same color Red Heart. You will be knitting with two strands of Red Heart.

Row 2: Purl
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Purl

Cut one strand of Red Heart and join another accent color yarn (I used Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee in Decandance in green and brown which was left over from a scarf). You will be knitting with one strand of Red Heart and one strand of accent color.

Knit Rows 5 and 6

Cut accent yarn and join strand of Red Heart. You will be knitting with two strands of Red Heart.

Row 7: Knit
Row 8: Purl
Row 9: Knit
Row 10: Purl

Cut one strand of Red Heart and join another accent color yarn (I used a green crochet type yarn). You will be knitting with one strand of Red Heart and an accent yarn.

Knit Rows 11 and 12

Cut accent yarn and join Red Heart. Repeat Rows 7-10.

Then cut Red Heart and add accent yarn. Repeat 11 and 12.

Repeat pattern and vary yarn until afghan is desired length.

The last four rows--Copy the first four rows so afghan's top matches the bottom. The first and last ridge of double Red Heart will be reverse stockinette which makes a nice ridge.

Mine was about 6 feet long.

It's a very fast knit and warm according to my husband who, apparently has no blood circulating in his body.



Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I have the Junk Yarn Dog Afghan underway...I'm getting compliments on it already...I am a Catholic Grandma who just learned to knit last spring. It's become an obsession..Donna

Christy B. said...

Thank you, Donna! Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting. Let me know how it turns out. It was one of my first patterns so I hope I wrote it correctly.

Anonymous said...

Just ran across your pattern while looking for something to keep my puppies warm this winter. Saw you are from Athens, and I go to school in Athens. Thanks for your help with your post!
Kaelan W.

AiredaleLady said...

My knitting for charity team is making lap blankets for children who use wheelchairs. We get sll of our yarn from both yarn shops and from people cleaning out their stashes. We knit a lot of these blankets with multiple yarns and colors, and they are very similar to what you call your junk yarn afghan.

Anonymous said...

Love this pattern. I'm a Catholic stitcher who is working on an afghan that will be raffled off at my church's annual bazaar this coming fall. I will share this pattern with our Momma Bears Craft Club. FYI, the link to Catholic Stitchers is broken. Monique

Anonymous said...

I saw this pattern while looking for something else. I'm going to use this pattern soon. Thanks so much for sharing.

I hope you know about the yarn shop in Watkinsville; Main Street Yarn and Fibers. If not, please look it up. It's a fun little shop with great people and great yarns. I'm a newbee knitter and find they are so helpful over there. I would go more often, but live in Greensboro and still work.

rab124 said...

certainly hope you don't have to be a Catholic for this to turn out - always on the lookout for good afghan patterns - will begin this soon - I also have a husband who has no blood running through his veins and a very old drafty house!

Anonymous said...

As a mormon grandmother, I can hardly wait to get started. I have crocheted some similar to this. I can hardly wait to start knitting.

lenorefrances said...

I copied this pattern down so I could make one but in the picture it shows a fringe but the pattern doesn't say anything about fringes. Are these fringes from switching the yarns and leaving a certain length dangling?

Christy said...


I was being lazy and didn't snip the ends before I took the picure. However, you do need to snip the ends if you use for a pet blanket.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of making an afghan that I can use for multiple uses. My husband is in a wheelchair and we have a dog that likes to get under the blankets.

Anonymous said...

60" cord?
I have #15 with 29" cord will I be able to cast on 130?