Monday, February 4, 2008

Sewing Class, Part One

I survived my first sewing class. My project, however, looks like a cross between an accessory for Frankenstein and something tacky Minnie Pearl would use.

My back is killing me from being hunched over the cutting table. Someone needs to tell the pattern makers to make the black cutting lines dark and the paper not blow away when the a/c kicks in.

Fortunately, the demonic senior citizen from the supply jaunt was not in my class. Perhaps Satan recalled her to the seventh layer of hell, I don't know but I'm glad she was not there.

Kim, my very patient sewing instructor, did not run out of Joanne's clutching her head to prevent an aneurysm (and how cool is that I spelled that right without spell check?). Nor did I sew my fingers together. The only thing I did to scare Kim was to remark that the tracing tool thingee look liked some Friar Torquemada from the Spanish Inquisition would use on very little people. Oh and also stick a straight pin into my thumb.

By the time class was over, I looked so knowledgeable that someone actually came up to me to ask a sewing question about a shrug. To which I had no answer, of course, but I did advise her that she could knit up that shrug. I even told which yarn and needles to use. When the poor woman's eyes glazed over, I realized I had gone too far and referred her to Kim.

My homework is to pull out 4 inches of stitches from the bottom part and re-pin. Stay tuned for Sewing Part Two next Saturday where I post a picture of Frankenstein's Redneck Tote.


Lil Knitter said...

Here's hoping Satan keeps her busy for a long time. lol
Congrats on a well done first class...I can do a few basics with sewing but nothing really complicated. If I didn't spend so much time knitting, it might be fun.
Good try on telling her about knitting...most people I meet are not interested in hearing about knitting...go figure. They just don't know what they're missing.

Elizabeth Boyle said...

You crack me up! While I learned to sew probably when I learned to walk (my mother is the master at sewing) I don't do it very often, and in the last few years, every time I sit down to sew (because like you, if you can knit it, why bother?) I end up with a pin stuck in some part of my anatomy and some crooked seam that needs to be ripped out. So keep it up--it does get easier with practice. And thanks for dropping by my blog!


You are so going to get yourself kicked out of that class for being a mole, sent in purely to cause a ruckus (did you really make the inquisition comment? that's just too funny) and to convert people to knitting. Troublemaker! :)

Ronni said...

LOL "Frankenstein's Redneck Tote" LOL Oh dear... Where was I, oh yes, thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day. I can totally get behind giving up exercising but eating is one of my other hobbies so I think it'll have to stay. I've entered your name in the "spreadsheet of yarny goodness". Thanks again for visiting.