Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Eagle (well, V-ger) has landed.

My new car has arrived. I swore that I would get a sensible, adult car like the four cars I've bought before. But this car, the 2008 Dodge Avenger, just followed me off the lot like a lost puppy. Dave, the master Negotiator, talked the dealership down from $23,900 to #17,500 on a fully loaded Avenger with Ethanol optional fuel and V-ger the Silver Avenger is mine.

What is V-ger and has this crazy person named her car, you ask?

I was subbing Friday in a kindergarten class when a five year old overheard me talking about our purchase of the Avenger and he called it V-ger. I was instantly transported (pardon the pun) back to the original first Star Trek movie when a large planet-like thing threatened Earth and it turned out to be a Voyager satellite from our time (well, the seventies). They called it V-ger. It was about to kill everything when Spock figured it out.

So V-ger is ours as well as the car payments.


Lil Knitter said...

WTG for you! That is a sharp looking car! It may not look like a "Mom" car but it is a 4-door so that counts right? I think that qualifies it for a family car...but oooh, I love the look. You have good taste. :)
I know you're going to enjoy that ride.

Anonymous said...

That is one awesome car! I am green with envy. The closest I get to a new car is that new car deodrant you can spray in your old car. Can I have a ride sometime? Hey I remember the v-ger in the Star Trek movie!! I loved Star Trek.