Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekly Warning 3/16/08

When applying hair color, DO NOT allow your child to fill the plastic protective gloves with water prior to sticking your hands in the gloves.

This morning, as I prepared Miss Clairol, I take my eyes off the gloves and Regan for like two seconds. Then I proceed to put on the gloves on and then picked up the color bottle of reddish brown goo. I applied it according to the directions, never realizing water is dripping down both arms. When set it down, I never noticed the dye and water mixing running back up my arms and back in to the gloves.

I pop the gloves off like a satisfied surgeon when I finally see specks, streaks and blobs of "Autumn Sunset" all around me. It looks like Dr. Suess became a serial killer. My beautiful soothing sage green bathroom is a posterchild for a new HGTV show, "When Kids and Color Collide." Regan thinks it's hilarious and laughs while I try feverishly to scrub off the blood red stripes down my arms. Great, now I look like a mad villain from "Green Eggs and Ham." Well I may be evil but my hair looks good.

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Lil Knitter said...

Your Weekly Warnings are awesome. I so love this post. I'm cringing right now thinking of how many times this could have happened to me. I have been very lucky. Since I use dark blond...which is almost brown...can you imagine what it would have looked like running down my arms. YUCK!