Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekly Warning 3/30/08

Thunderstorms will make you gain weight.
Follow, if you can, this crazy maze from thunderstorm to weight gain.

A couple of days ago during a particularly vicious thunderstorm, our roof sustained minor damage. Dave, being the anti-Bob Villa with roofs, called our nice contractor guy to repair the roof.

The roof repair led to a complete shutter replacement (5 sets in all). This, in turn, precipitated a front door painting. However, I hate my front door. It's just ugly. So that sent us to the door outlet store where we found a $1000 door. Our contractor was installing the door when he discovered carpenter ants. This led to a call to the bug guy who sprayed. While the bug guy was here, the dogs were shut away in our bedroom.

Winter's on its way out so Zack is molting like crazy. Tufts of Collie fur were floating aimlessly around my bedroom, settling on every surface. I couldn't sleep in such hairy circumstances so I pulled out my vacuum to suck up the fur and apparently a sock and my Timex watch. I went to Wal-Mart to get a new vacuum bag b/c the watch ripped the old to shreds and met an elderly woman giving out free cheesecake bites. They were so good I bought a package and ate the entire package on the way home.

So, in summary, the storm caused me to gain two pounds. I'll be ballooning up by the time hurricane season is over.

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Lil Knitter said...

Strangely, I totally understand the logic behind this post. I'll back you up on this one. The storm started this whole chain of events after all.