Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Weasel is the Best!

Yes, this week I turned forty. I asked my hubby to buy dog food for our new Humane Society called WAG (Walton Animal Guild) instead of presents. My little hero/son, Wesley, also made the same request at his birthday party last week and together we just dropped off 150 pounds of dog food to WAG.

Altruism aside, I was very excited to find out dear Weaselboy went out and upgraded my handheld GPS unit. I now have the Mercedes of GPSs.

No more getting lost in the woods looking for a geocache because my Pinto model GPS lost signal. No, sirree. I now have the ability to find and target anything. Enemies beware! Tracking you down is much easier!

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The big 4 - 0, eh? It's the new 30 from what I've heard, so you're in a pretty good place :)

Enjoy that shiny new gadget... what a sweet, sweet present.