Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Totally Wasted Post

I have absolutely nothing to write about. My knitting has basically fallen by the wayside in the past few weeks. My "part-time" job of substitute teaching at my kids' elementary school has become full time. I get home after school, dead but after a long drink of Diet Dr. Pepper, I leave with both kids in tow for soccer games or scout meetings or church or PTO functions.

My knitting is crying out in neglect. "Why, oh why have you abandoned us? [insert violin music] Please don't leave us." Sort of like a fiber lament.

In addition, I'm trying to hone up on my sewing. I've forgotten how thread a bobbin so Dave the MacGyver Weasel had to show me. I'm trying to make felt stuffed animals for a potential fundraiser for an animal rescue group but blood drops (mine from that pesky sewing needle) on the felt is not going to help with the project.

So I guess I'm whining. Sorry.

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