Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cocoa Swap Package

I have an angel and her name is Cindy from Tennessee. Cindy stepped in at the last moment to send a package my way. My previous swap partner didn't send one--I hope she's okay.

My camera has died and until I get a new one, this is a picture-less post.

Cindy sent some yummy taupe colored yarn that is crying out for a drop stitch scarf. The mug is beautiful as well as the stitch markers and shawl pin. The chocolate is well on its' way to being consumed. I'm presently sipping hot cocoa from my new mug.

Oh and Cindy, if that "mini-shawl" is your handiwork, you are a fantastic knitter!

Thanks again, Cindy.


Lil Knitter said... had to wait so long. You're so sweet to be worried about your AWOL partner...I admit that I would not have been so sweet about it long before now. :P
Thank goodness for angels.

Kat said...

Just want you to know that I'm knitting your cocoa swap buddy; you should receive it the beginning of next week!