Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yarn Reorganization

I have not declared Chapter 11 but I've totally reorganized my yarn. To my utter shock, I don't have a big giant stash. I have two drawers of perennial stash which I'll keep forever b/c my knitting skills will never be good enough to show this yarn off to its full potential. Like this Handmaiden Seacell in Rose Garden. If I wasn't married, I'd find a way to marry this yarn--the colors are that beautiful. You can get it at Tidal Brook Yarns.

Or I bought on vacation. Some people buy tee shirts for souvenirs--I buy fiber.

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homesteadinmamma said...

That is beautiful! Seems like one of those yarns that you can pull out on occasion, and snuggle. That, in my book is getting just as good of use as if you were to knit it!