Thursday, August 16, 2007

I was in the Atlanta paper (and not the police blotter)

It was a little eerie seeing myself in the paper but the Atlanta Journal Constitution interviewed me (and took a picture) about SAHM who post on forums and use the net to socialize. You can see it here. Fortunately, the picture is not included.

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Duckymama said...

Well, as a GRITS you know the police blotter would not be something you would mention much less admit to, sugah!
I think it's great. I made a good friend through e-bay knitting needle bidding, and have quite a few cyberfriends through other areas (books) My kids are teenagers now, but we got our first internet capable machine when the oldest was 5. I am in a densely populated area and have been back to work OUT of my house for more than 7 years, but sometimes it is good to "talk" to those not in your own bubble. With peach preserves on our pj's and scary-hair.