Monday, August 13, 2007

My first Dye Job.

And I'm not talking about my hair which by the way, came out pretty good too.

No, I'm talking about yarn. I took my first, un-hand holding step into the wonderful world of color. Thank you to Pie Knits for the great tutorial on Wilton cake dye and my favorite guru of color, Darilee, from Main Street Yarns with all her advice.

I chose Wilton because of the non-toxicity (is that a word?). Two dogs and two children made the decision easy. I used two skeins undyed Cascade 220 wool

The yellow bled into the blue, making green in the middle. It's a little too yellow but apparently my mother-in-law and niece both like it so Mammie will be receiving a new scarf and Cole gets the other--she knits!

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