Monday, August 27, 2007

Ugly Yarn Doll--Cute Kid

I'm trying to figure out ways NOT to knit with some of the yarn that somehow ended up in my stash. Lion Brand Fun Fur being one of them. It's alright but it's not my favorite. I've been making yarn dolls for a couple of kids in Wesley's school. Wes' friend, Ava, loves the one I made for her last year but her mom said it's looking like a rat's nest.

I made a new one and Wes picked out the "hair"--Fun Fur in Confetti. Uglier than Cooter Brown. Let me put it this way--MY yarn dolls are scarier than voodoo hootchie mamma dolls.

1 comment:

Secret said...

i love it. the one in the photo looks like one of those mermaid people in Harry Potter!