Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weekly Warning 1/3/09

Certain products should never be combined.

Common sense tells you that alcohol and Benedryl should not be taken together. Likewise you should never use your lighter to check for a natural gas leak. Or how about the clear warning that you should never operate heavy machinery while using Ambien?

Well, let's add my unintended coupling to the vast array of warnings.

Every night for the past twenty years, I've put Carmex on my lips before bed. Considering I leave my window open despite the weather, it is a prudent thing to do. Otherwise I'd wake up to chapped lips.

The strange Georgia weather is causing my skin to be wonky. I've developed a mouth ulcer bump on the side of my mouth. Nothing major--just enough to be annoying. I dab a bit of Ambesol Jr. on the bump.

And then it happened. I added my nightly ritual of Carmex. Carmex and Ambesol Jr. should never be mixed. Oh, it does not explode or even smoke. What it does do is completely numb your lips which makes you open and close your mouth to ward off the mix. I looked like a horrible example of a silicone lip injection gone bad.

And then you swallow. The numbness starts at the tip of your tongue and goes down your throat. Not pleasant. My husband thought it was funny when I told my kids to good night and it came out "Vooz Nig". Big weinie head. I told him to "Fuz Ug". Translation: Shut up.

So alert to the US Consumer Product Safety Board to issue yet another inane warning.

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smariek said...

Oy! That's not fun at all.