Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekly Warning 1/25/09

Everything changes but everything stays the same.

Wesley was singing "Figure 8". You know, from Schoolhouse Rock from the '70s. "Figure 8 is really great..." (My personal favorite is "The Shot Heard 'Round the World".) I was so excited to find out that Wesley's school was using these educational classics.

Dave even dug up our old VHS tapes so Wesley could listen to them. I started reminiscing on how some of them really helped me pass some tests. Remember the Preamble song? We, the People, in order to form a more perfect union.... Saved my butt in a college Civics exam. "Really, Wes," I started waxing poetically, "it'll help you in history, math, grammar and more! I'm glad your teacher uses them."

Wesley, very innocently, tells me his core teacher (the one who teaches reading, writing and more) doesn't use them but his music teacher does--as an example of a chorus.

I guess it shouldn't matter where he learns US expansion in the 1800's. It could be by book or maybe by learning "Elbow Room". I just shut up, be grateful and hum "Conjunction Junction".


Jennifer said...

My kids received "The Best of School House Rock" cd for Christmas and they love it. We downloaded the videos from YouTube so they can watch them whenever. They love the Figure 8 song. My personal favorite is Interplanet Janet.

Timiae said...

I remember those songs/tapes! We didn't get to use them often, but I still remember all the words from the few times we did get to watch.