Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekly Warning 1/11/09

Paint plus Cat equals CSI art.

Wesley is incredibly crafty. I mean in the arts crafty way not the sneaky way--not yet, he's only seven years old. He's at his happiest when he has a project going. He loves going out to his work bench and designing stuff. Who can forget last year's Mother's Day present? A bench for my garden that is six inches off the ground. Or maybe the "new and improved yarn winder". The five foot board with a nail on the bottom painted blue and green.

He was at it again. I was at work and Dave had the enviable task of watching Wesley and Regan. I drove up to see Wesley covered in red house paint and Francis the Fat Cat with a pink streak down her head. Trust me, Francis does not have a natural pink streak and Wesley usually does not resemble a pepperoni.

"Daddy said I could paint." Wesley called out cheerfully as he shook his paintbrush. The pink splatters were peppering my sidewalk. "So I was 'perminty." Translation: Experimenting.

I walked into my garage and almost screamed for Dave to call 911. A pink outline of a feline body was artistically arranged on the garage floor. It had streaks of blue zipping from the sides as if it illustrate electrocution.

Francis, it seems, was sleeping the sleep of the dead when Wesley used our leftover red door paint to paint around the cat. He was in the process of adding a white outline when Francis awoke to find herself in the middle of juvenile crime scene. Understandably she panicked and sent my junior Gus Grissom's scene into chaos.

And because it was house paint, Francis the Fat Pink Cat is forever memorialized on my garage floor.


amy-lynne......... said...

I have mental picture (LOL)... that is way to funny!!!... thanks for posting the weekly warnings... i LOVE THEM... thanks

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

What a wonderful time you will have explaining this "feature" to prospective buyers some day!