Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weekly Warning 4/6/08

Don't let your four year old daughter apply Barbie make-up on herself, the dog, Star Wars figurines or you for that matter.

Ray's godfather, Uncle Oool (as she calls him--his name is Allen), gave Ray a Barbie/Princess makeup set for Christmas. Beware all parents, this item should be banned as a hazardous material suitable for terrorists. I'm sure you've seen it. Small cubes of hair glitter, five colors of nail polish, two glittery lip glosses and four heart containers of gooey neon eye color. The jerk who invented this and then sold it to Mattel needs to be taken out and dolled up.

As I type this, I have a lime green smear across one eye and one fuschia across the other. Ray's toenails are painted a blue and violet. The color plays off the streak of blue nail color in the back of her hair and three different glitters on the left side of her head.

Every time Zack wags his tail, the lip gloss on the tip glints in the light and attracts the numerous dust bunnies to the tip.

Not to be outdone, Wesley's Anakin Skywalker action figure models this season's colors. No wonder he turned to the Dark Side. He needed a hood to hide his atrocious makeover.

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Lil Knitter said...

Once again, I thank you for your weekly warning. I so needed this one today.

*no wonder he turned to the Dark Side* that was pricless!