Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Law of Commerical Screwism

Just when you find a yarn/moisturizer/cologne/stitch markers you have fallen in love with, the company that produces the aforementioned and much loved product discontinues it. In order to acquire it, you become a search engine junkie, relentlessly pursuing links in a vain hope you can purchase your yarn.

Ignoring the pleas of your hungry daughter as she breaks into the emergency pudding supply, you marshal on. "No, Wesley, I can't show you how Mario gets through World 8-1. Figure it out." After you tell your son that, you immediately are hit with an attack of guilt. But you really need to find this yarn.

You desperately send a SOS email to all the knitting friends or dubious characters you know (For those of you reading this, you know which category you fall into).

You only stop briefly when you find one last skein in Istanbul, Turkey and gladly pay the $16.00 shipping fee. Only to discover your Turkish language skills are not up to par and you receive a purple skein instead of the sage green you thought you bought.

It finally ends when you realize your soon-to-be homeless Collie has been sleeping on the one skein you thought you had but couldn't find.

But now as I think about it, I really need that Brighton Love Perfume that is only available at a store 900 miles away.

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