Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekly Warning 4/13/08

Check your kids' socks before you wash and dry them.

I always check the pockets of the jeans but it never occurred to me to look in socks.

I was washing whites and I don't know who the guilty kid was but they apparently felt the need to collect crayons. Some latent psychological need, perhaps? Some fetish on hording? An evil plot to drive Mommy insane? I betting on the the last.

I pull out the whites to throw in the dryer when I discover waxy green and red stripes on my Victoria Secret's. I know I never buy any undergarments that resemble a Christmas present. Upon further investigation, Dave's formerly white tees are also punctuated with colorful blobs.

Like an idiot, I assumed the damage was done. But, oh no, Crayola's plot to drive me to a straight jacket went deeper.

Applying heat to crayons meltsthe horrid little sticks of insanity. I know that and I'm sure you know that. But did you know rapidly cooling melted crayons stick to the inside of your dryer like brick mortar? Did you also know the crayon is impossible to get out completely out of socks? Did you know the local landfill is now filled with pairs of wax filled, colored socks? Did you know you can write me in care of the local mental hospital?

I just hope the doctors don't have a art therapy that includes crayons.

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Lil Knitter said...

I feel your pain....I've had that happen with one but not a sock full.
Crayons are evil I tell you!!!
Hey, can I get a room too?