Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekly Warning 5/18/08

You don't really need five gallons of gas to light a fire.

I claim complete innocence in this instance because this warning is totally from my dear husband, Dave. This is his first weekly warning.

Ten years ago, we bought our first house and Dave was going to burn some leaves. Though we were still newlyweds, I already experienced the inherent genetic male propensity toward fire and knew trouble was brewing. (Sounds kind of frou-frou, doesn't it? I found a new site that changes all my words to sound like I have a doctorate!!). In short, Dave and his father are fascinated with fire. Some throwback from their early caveman days. My father-in-law, Pop Pop, once held a lighted match in the mouth of a natural gas line to see if gas was coming out. I believe he was on his fourth beer at the time.

Dave throws a match on the gas-drenched dry leaves. At first, nothing happened and Dave leans in to see if the match went out. In that split second, a large backdraft worthy of Ron Howard and some special effects team whooshs toward Dave. His meager garden hose is no match for the inferno. Fortunately, the gas had burned itself out already as well as Dave's face hair (eyebrows). He didn't have to shave for a week.

Makes you marvel that Dave is still alive ten years later with no third degree burns on his body. He does have poison ivy scars (yes, you read that right--scars from poison ivy). Please join us in pray for Wesley. We hope the fire stupidity does not pass down to him.


Lil Knitter said...

I sure hope this curse passes Wesley by...doubtful but we can hope. It really is a "man thing".

That was one awesome description...I can actually picture it in my mind. It doesn't hurt that I've had a hubby with the same problem. lol


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I know from experience that if you use half a can of starter fluid on the BBQ people from miles away will call to find out which Cardinal was up for Pope and why he didn't get elected. It's a guy thing for sure, and you're right, it goes back to caveman days - so good luck with Wesley. In fact it may not be fair not to give ham an acetylene torch for his birthday this year. (Hope this doesn't spoil the surprise!)