Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Day the Chicken Died

Zack, the artificial fowl murdering collie, finally accomplished one of his goals--killing his rubber chicken. He's well on his way to be crowned King of the Annoying Pets. The list of his misdeeds is long and in no particular order:

1. Hacking up a rawhide drool-y bone onto my Handmaiden Seasilk Yarn
2. Wrapping his cow-lick tail around the working yarn of my first lace shawl
3. Causing a huge pool of drool on our loveseat while snoring
4. Carving out a sharp shank out of his compressed bone to threaten us for brisket
5. Stealing and devouring a raw pork chop (yuck-o) out its soy sauce marinade
6. Catching and nearly digesting (don't ask) a baby chipmunk
7. Terrorizing the other animals at the groomers by sitting on a min-pin
8. Almost breaking the obedience teacher's arm by leaping over a six foot stack of Iams dog food
9. Digging up a small pine tree
10. Playing tug 'o war with a fifty foot water hose and winning
11. Cleverly making and disguising foot deep holes in our back yard
12. Being voted most likely to knock over the ice cream truck (literally)
13. Snouting the vet in the backside in an attempt to get his ears scratched.
14. My personal favorite, knocking over two kitchen chairs in his quest to avoid the three drops of flea treatment.

The Putz....Love him


Kimberly said...

LOL.. I think my Corrina might rival him. To name a few misdeeds, she has chewed up the legs on our upright piano and it's bench, destroyed 2 pairs of my glasses, killed a 6lb pheasant and (literally)ripped the face off of a squirrel.

But she is awfully cute. :)



Zack's antics sound soooo similar to Zsa Zsa's. She has murdered at least 2 rubber chickens so far, in addition to a slew of other rubber and soft stuffed animals including a hedgehog, multiple bears, a centipede, and a rubber ball with legs. And I knew there was a reason I haven't bothered to send her to obedience training - #8 will be inevitable :)

(And why is it that dogs will do almost anything to avoid the tiniest things, like flea treatment!)