Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Car is on life-support...

We JUST paid off my little Mazda and now the car stalls every time I brake. Although I barely use my brakes (witness my driving record), it is disconcerting to be behind a dump truck braking with a Mack truck behind me. A few seconds and a screech of tires could see me in the middle of a Mazda sandwich.

So now it starts...the trudging around dealerships looking for the "right" car. I tell myself I am not going through a midlife crisis yet so I really don't need a 2008 Dodge Charger in salsa red. The Caliber is a better fit for a mommy with two kids who needs really good gas mileage. Sure the Toyota Matrix would be perfect for me but the Ford Mustang GTO beckons me like Blue Sky Alpaca. So what if Dave has his dream truck, why do I need a race car with a V-8, 354 horsepower engine?

Because I do but I'll be the good little mommy and end up buying something sensible. But I'm stopping off at the yarn store with my Matrix and filling the back up with yarn!


Knitting Keep Me sane said...

Hi It is Sarah. I wanted to thank you for my package. I love it. I did not post pictures yet but I will you were an awesome partner. Thank you so much. I think it is so neat when you get a package from someone whose blog you read.

Thank Again ;)


Aww sorry to hear about the car! Funny how that always happens the minute your payments are over. Maybe you can find a car thats somewhat of a compromise between a salsa red race car and a soccer mom-ish minivan? I can just imagine pictures of a Matrix stuffed full of yarn :)