Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Zack--Before and After Growth Hormones

We actually didn't give him hormones but when we got him, he was about five pounds. Now three years later, he's of gargantuan size and appetite. He's seventy pounds and is about three feet tall. He's all bones and fur and muscle. Not one ounce of fat. He's also very good at squeezing between me and the edge of the sofa, stretching out and a) pushing me off my own couch or b) pressing a paw into my bladder, making me have to get off the sofa to pee. Either way, he gets the sofa.

Love the big goon but why does he think he's a lap dog. Technically, he's a smooth haired collie mix but we call him a Colli-yote (Collie plus coyote). Dave says his mother was a collie and his father was some wild animal like a wolf or coyote.

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