Sunday, November 18, 2007

My first sock!!!!

So what if only Bigfoot can use it. I don't care. I've done it! I've even cast on for the second sock because, of course, you need both socks to make a pair. Although I am so proud of this sock, I may just frame it in a shadow box for posterity.

The Kitchner stitch was interesting. I think it's a horrible sobriety test for knitters. It's not hard. It's need to be focused and not exchange recipes with your neighbor while doing it. Or the very least, not watching a movie with Hugh Jackman in it.

Is he a hottie or what? But I do have to add--Hugh has nothing on my teddy bear hubby.


Melanie said...

Thanks for the nice comment. Love the eye candy you got today...
LOL....hubby is working it in that photo, too. Love those shoes!

Secret said...

Wait till you try toe-up socks - kitchener stitch farewell!! ;)