Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Up to My Garishly Dyed Hair!

Sit back and let me vent. I, in a weak moment, agreed to coordinate Barrow County's Holiday Connection. What is Holiday Connection? It's a countywide clearinghouse to provide Christmas assistance to needy families. Last year 1,100 children were served. I just picked up 250 applications from the school system, Department of Family and Children Services and other social service agencies. Want to know how I feel right now?

Picture yourself on the edge of the Grand Canyon looking down over the safety bar, snapping pictures and suddenly the bar gives way. In a split second, you start to fall, pee on yourself, scream for help and flail your arms in attempt to fly. Then a second later, a hand latches onto your shirt and bra (thank God, you wore one today) to pull you to safety.

Doesn't work for you? Try imagining that icky, throw up feeling you get when you realize that you don't have enough scarce and no longer made yarn to finish a sweater you've knitted and cabled for the past two months? Then after scouring your stash for an hour, find one last skein.

Or how about looking at a single pink line on the pregnancy test three years after you've had your tubes tied? Then you read the directions and you find out that two pink lines indicate you're pregnant.

Basically, I'm panicking. All these kids needing help for Christmas and not enough donations. I don't want children to wake up Christmas morning to an empty tree. Everyone keeps telling me--it'll all come together but good grief, does it have come together at the last minute?

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Gnat said...

Wow..seems like you have quite a bit on your mind. I hope you get everything you need to done.

Thank you for commenting on my contest. Thank you for sharing about your father. I stand up as a woman because of my mother. She was as strong woman.

Have a wonderful day!