Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekly Warning 9/28/08

On a day when everything that can go wrong does, a bird will poop on your leather handbag.

The kids were fighting like the North and the South. Regan activated my car alarm. The dogs were growling over a squirrel in the yard. I was tripping over empty Kroger bags that escaped their confinement. My keys were no where to be found. I WAS STRESSED.

So what does this deliquent blue jay do? That's right--use my new leather purse as his personal johnnie-on-the-spot. Somedays, you're the bird pooping and others, you're the Poopy Purse.


Lil Knitter said...

Oh he better be glad you can't fly!
I knew I didn't like Blue Jays for some reason.

Timiae said...

Hehehe... lil knitter is right! Hey, at least it was the bag and not you, right? Wait a minute, how nice and new is this bag? ;-D