Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekly Warning 10/5/08

Don't leave brightly colored Play-Doh on your fireplace hearth.

Regan did and Zack, our enormous Collie, wolfed them down like it was a hunk of pork butt. She not only left her clay but the four packs I bought for her teacher.

Never mind that Play-Doh wrappers are sprinkled around me house. I found a couple in my bed, on the couch and downstairs near my computer.

Never mind that I have to go buy more for the class.

What is really annoying is that a couple of days later, the crayons made their way through Zack and now our backyard has several mounds of fluorescent speckled poop. We have our own personal solid waste Aurora Borealis that smells three houses over.

Dave said at least we don't need flashlights to navigate the mind field.

1 comment:

Lil Knitter said...

lol I kinda like the benefit of not having to worry about stepping in the dog poop. :P
Sorry you have to go buy more though.

I got my contest goodies yesterday...OMG OMG..I love this yarn!! THank you soooo much! I will blog it just to figure out what it will become.