Sunday, September 16, 2007

What is a hissyknit?

Someone asked me to post the story behind "hissyknit" so here goes...

One month after I learned how to cast on, knit and bind off, I was knitting a basic garter knit scarf for my mother in law. I wanted it to be perfect so I only worked on it at night after the kids went to bed. I was almost done when I pulled at it to untwist it. Right there in the middle was a huge honking hole. I had inadvertently created an eyelet stitch by knitting two together and doing a yarn over.

I had no idea how to repair it and my only recourse was to frog back to the middle. So before I did that, I (and I was 35 years old) threw the biggest tempter tantrum I've ever done. My kids could not have exceeded the decimal volume of my screaming. To this day, I blush at the Korean, Spanish, French and ASL swear words I used. In short, as Dave put it, I had a royal "hissyknit".

It stuck since it was the first of many hissyknits while I learned to knit.

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