Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kelly Rosebud's Brisket

This brisket is melt in your mouth good. My sister Kelly Rosebud (Rosebud is not her middle name--just a nickname) has been perfecting this over months of Sunday cookouts. It cooks on low heat for ten hours. Yes, you've read right--ten hours

Do not substitute seasonings or meat (like a london broil). It will not be the same. Go ahead and buy the Tex Joy seasonsings online here. You will not be disappointed and use them all the time.

To my utter surprise, many people east of the Mississippi have never eaten brisket. In Texas, it's like a required meal at least weekly otherwise you get deported somewhere. It's also a pretty inexpensive cut of meat. We just bought one 14 pounder for $24.

Kelly Rosebud's Brisket

1 large beef brisket (we typically buy a ten pounder but my other sister Pam buys a fifteen pounder, cuts into thirds, cooks one section and freezes the other two sections)
Tex-Joy seasonings (bbq and steak seasonings each)
Garlic bulb--separate and peel cloves
Oven bags

Preheat oven to 250.

Bore holes into the meat and put peeled garlic cloves. I use two per five pounds of meat. Rub every side of meat with bbq seasoning and steak seasoning. Sear every side on grill or stovetop until it looks dark brown. Place brisket in oven bag, twist shut and put into pyrex dish. Poke one hole in oven bag so steam can be released. Cook at 250 for ten hours. Enjoy!!!!

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