Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dear X: You're Wonderful!

Yes, that's right. The best secret pal in the world is Knitter X from City X. DH, the kids and I were driving off when DH spotted an innocent little package on my front stoop.

Straight from Rococo Chocolates in London came my second package. Read it and weep--a package of Frutti di Bosco (white chocolate bars with fruit--already gone b/c my kids opened it immediately and ate most of it), one Cranberry and Nutmeg White Chocolate Artisan Bar, one Orange and Geranium Dark Chocolate and one Morello Cherry Dark Chocolate (I predict my favorite).

Just the thing to get my knitting mojo back--chocolate.

Thanks X and to all you who don't have a great pal, na na a-boo a-boo.

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Secret said...

Yay! Am glad your DH spotted it - it may have melted otherwise! :) Haha yes, def, i hope it gets your knitjo back again!