Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scarf Extravaganza

Once again as Christmas rolls around, my son has volunteered my knitting to the masses. The list lengthens daily but here's just a few...

2 Georgia Bulldog red scarves for his teachers
2 hats for the aforementioned teachers
3 more scarves for assorted people I've never met.
4 washcloths and homemade soap for his Sunday School teachers and Ray's
1 afghan for his best friend
1 set of mittens for himself (he has a couple already)
1 shawl for me (at least I'm in there somewhere)

If history is any indication, this list will open up to include Clifford the Big Red Dog (Wes was two at the time) and his favorite baseball player, Lance Berkman of the Astros.

Ready, set, reach for the Tylenol, and knit.

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