Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Big Giant Kntting Lies

Some pretty big whoppers...

"It's supposed to be there." I told my friend that the hole in my son's new afghan was not a mistake but rather part of the "Hole in the Wall" afghan pattern. Zack our dog slept with Wesley on the couch back then. Zack would have an air hole during the nap.

"Yes, it was very difficult to knit." This was particularly effective with the added martyr sigh. The scarf was a fan and feather pattern and easy peasy. It just looked difficult.

"Sure I'll make you a scarf, hat and matching mittens once I finish all my other projects." That was two years ago.

"No, it's not that bad." I grimace as I said this. A kid had ripped out ten rows of knitting.

"I watch it for the knitted costume pieces." I tell everyone when I watch a period Colin Firth or Hugh Jackman movie.

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