Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekly Warning 11/2/08

Spray Pam should not be confused with hair conditioning treatment.

I was just piddling, really. Just making dinner when I grabbed the non-stick spray Pam to hose down the cookie sheet for the chicken. Without paying attention (when will I learn?) or checking to see where the direction of the nozzle, I let loose and Pam immediately coats my forehead and top third of my hair. \

The Collie, thinking "Hmm, Mommy's really moisturizing!", leaps up and starts licking my face. Which causes me to back into the pan which pushes the the raw chicken which flies into the air and lands smack dab on my newly baked peanut butter cookies.

In the ensuing insanity, I stick my face under the kitchen faucet to clean off the Pam and Collie drool. It doesn't work so I'm off to the shower de-grease.

Hot Stock Tip: Buy stock in the company which makes Suave 'cause it took half of bottle of shampoo to get all the Pam out. Oh and maybe some acne treatment stuff because I'm expecting major acne breakout this week.


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Maybe I should try that Pam on my hair. Lately my head has been wanting to stick to the pillow all day. Harder to get up now that it's getting colder.

Lil Knitter said...

Omg...I use Pam all the time. I better be careful from now on cuz this is something I can totally see happening to me.
Glad the Suave got it out.

Anonymous said...

This aftternoon my wife cooked a roast on an slotted enameltray which she had sprayed with "Pam", She convection baked it for 15 mins at 500 deg F and then dropped the temperature to 325 for the balance of the cooking. Guess what? After the meal, I went to wash the tray and found that the surface was extremely sticky and would not come off without a tremendous amount of elbow grease (including VIM) - almost half an hour of scrubbing (should have thrown it out). Something is definitely not right here! Can't imagine what the body's plumbing has endured - but this sounds like a potential for a class action lawsuit if a link can be made to serious clogging of the arteries.