Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekly Warning 10/26/08

Tailgating a corpse is a moving violation in the state of Georgia.

This happened several years ago. I was rushing home through Atlanta traffic. I was working as a foster care caseworker and had just dropped off a kid at a new group home. It was a Friday afternoon in late July. A quick rain shower was causing steam to rise up on Interstate 85 through the heart of Atlanta. My air conditioning was out and I was sweating in my hose. I was desperately trying to ventilate my little tank top underneath the business suit. My hair was frizzing like a badly dyed Bozo wig--I was going through my blond phase. To be blunt, I looked like I was one tattoo away from an arrest for prostitution.

And so I was 20 or so yards from an ambulance with its lights on but no siren, aka, dead body on board. Then it happened, sirens behind me. An Atlanta PD car snaking across traffic to pull me over.

Officer P. Poole ungraciously informs me that I was tailgating an ambulance. Apparently, I should have been 25 yards and he proceeds to write me a ticket for "tailgating a corpse". Yes, I'm the only person in history to be fined for a moving violation involving a dead body. Jerk--I mean the cop, not the corpse, may he or she rest in peace.


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I have an ex from ATL with the sme last name... also a MAJOR JERK! It must run in the family.

Lil Knitter said...

I've never heard of this one before. would it be a danger to a corpse? He's dead already. :P

Timiae said...

Tickets are no fun, but you do have bragging rights now!

I've nominated you for a blog award... get the info and ribbon from my blog!