Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekly Warning 11/30/08

Always check for horns and forked tongue when asking for directions from a state park employee.

It's a beautiful fall season here in north Georgia. The leaves are brilliant colors. You come over a mountain and it looks like one large beach bonfire--oranges, reds, and even some blue.

We decided to visit one of the state parks of Georgia. Amicalola Falls is a jewel in the North Georgia Mountains. There is a incredibly amazing water fall that you can hike up to--it's a about a mile up a mountain on a paved trail. Well worth the effort. We passed dozens of folks who had the same idea.

You would think coming down the mountain would be easier and it would be to if you are not me. A seemingly helpful park employee named Esther told us of another paved trail. She said it was a little longer but much more secluded--away from those pesky tourists (apparently missing Wesley wearing his "Are we there yet?" Florida tourist tee).

Off we went--all eight of us--my kids included as well as Uncle Al wearing flip flops. Sure the snake slithering across our path one hundred yards later should have detered us. But Esther had been helpful and she was still waving at us. Little did I know, she was just making sure we ended in the seventh layer of hell as a sacrifice to her master.

You would have thought the dead chipmunk would have sent us scurrying back to Esther but no, we were braver than that. And I'm not sure, but I think the forest closed up on itself like an evil entity. The trail all but disappeared. The trees leaned in, using their branches to block our efforts to retrace our steps.

Half way down the trail, the paved part stopped. Only because you had hold on to a rope to practically repel down the mountain. With Ray on my back like a chimpanzee baby, I gingerly climbed down and deposited Regan. Wes, the ever brave Cub Scout, made it down on his own.

After one hour of not seeing life (the birds had long since stopped chirping), we were heartened to hear cars and smell grilling hamburgers. We finally found our way back to our car, only to see Esther greeting new victims.

If I only had a vial of holy water....


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Glad you survived your trip! You'd better copyright your experience or the next thing you know Hollywod will steal your story and turn it into Indiana Jones and the Demon Falls. By the way, that snake in the road, was it carrying an apple? Could have been another clue.

Timiae said...

Hehe, and a Biblical name to fool you even further, huh?

DF and I went driving the mountains a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous. I wish I had my camera with me. Amicalola is beautiful! If you are into hiking (I promise it's not too bad!), the Len Foote hike-inn is 5 miles up from the waterfall that serves great food, beautiful surroundings (the sunrise!), and really neat educational stuff.

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

LOL, sounds like quite a hike! You are much braver than I!
Happy Holidays!

Lil Knitter said...

Obviously the ever Satan worshiping Esther has never actually been down that trail herself. lol I'm glad you all made it back can definitely count that one as an adventure.