Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekly Warning 10/12/08

Puppies have no control over their bladders.

Who can resist a baby wienie dog? A co-worker brought in her newly adopted puppy and of course, I immediately kidnap the cutie and hold it the entire staff meeting. My annual site visit from the state child abuse prevention office was later that morning so I needed some canine stress therapy.

Apparently, little wienie dog girl wanted me to accessorize so she peed on my shirt while she slept. Not much but enough to scream "Dog Urine".

Because I know and expect stuff like this to happen to me, I whipped out my extra shirt before the auditor arrived. Only by spraying Febreeze (also an emergency contigent) all over myself did I mask the smell of puppy pee.

FYI, the audit went fine and the puppy chewed only one part of my report.

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Lil Knitter said...

Aww...been there. done that. But it's so worth it cuz they are just too cute.