Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekly Warning 7/27/08

Dust under your furniture before you move the couch.

I knew there were dust bunnies the size of dinosaurs under my couch. The pair of fuzzy slippers and complete set of Spiderman dominoes didn't surprise me. Basically, I was shocked to find Jimmy Hoffa's body not under my couch.

When Dave and I picked up the couch to rearrange our living room, a streak of blue fuzz with a wagging whiplike appendage flashed under as we struggled to keep it from crashing down. Zack had spotted a two inch slice of rawhide and made a dash for it. Nevermind Zack cannot detect a 12 point buck wandering by our front door or a gaggle of religious zealots proclaiming that we're going to die tomorrow while parading down our driveway. But he can zero in on a minute piece of food.

To make matters worse, I cut my left pointy finger on a spring while holding the couch aloft and cannot knir nor typf.

1 comment:

Lil Knitter said...

Hmmmm....that body just might be under my couch. I'll have to check on that and let ya know. :P

Hope your finger is feeling better soon so you can knit.