Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekly Warning 7/13/08

Just because a truck driver honks at you, don't automatically assume it's your cleavage.

I was driving down the interstate in V-ger, our Silver Dodge Avenger with the sun roof open and jamming to, well, I'm not going to say because I'm embarrassed. Oh, all right, Rick Springfield's Jessie's Girl.

A trucker in a chicken truck passes me, honking and waving. I think, "Wow, this tank top must make me look busty." And I'm sort of flattered. I mean, maybe the gray in my hair doesn't show as bad as I think. The cowlick in my bangs is actually pretty. No one can see the giant deflated balloon that is my belly.

Another passes and honk. And then a couple of more. Now I'm getting mad. Who do these guys think I am? Some sort of desperate, easy gal? Some sex-starved individual?

When I get to my destination, I get out and my ego gets a large jab. Regan had switched all of Dave's BOE election magnets (and I have four on V-ger) upside down. The truckers were just pointing them out trying to help Dave. Who would vote for divaD for your school board representative if he can't spell his own name?

So in the end, I guess I won't be getting that phone call from Vogue but at least I can still vote for divaD.

PS Regan has not yet been put for adoption. Check back later for updates.

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Lil Knitter said... usual. You are now officially nick named "divaD".
I got a couple to add to that adoption list if you find a crazy person willing to take them. lol


*if there's a cloth design you want..let me know and I'll see if I can work it out for ya* They're not really hard to do just some designs won't co-operate no matter how hard I try.