Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekly Warning 7/20/08

When pulling up signs (such as political, garage sale, etc), please be careful that you don't grab a snake instead of the stake.

Being the considerate treasurer of divaD's campaign (see previous weekly warning), I decide to help pull up signs to declutter our beautiful community.

But the flimsy metal stakes can be tricky. Coupled with kudzu (a parasitic ivy that is rapidly covering the state of Georgia), I had to reach down and yank. I was rather surprised when the stake came up quickly and was about to throw it in V-ger's trunk when I realized the stake moved.

Yep, I had yanked up a king snake instead of the metal stake. Wailing does not even begin to describe the sound that came from me.

I hate politics.

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Lil Knitter said... would have heard me for miles!! You know this one you should have expected...politics, snakes...they just go together. :P