Monday, December 17, 2007

Turn out the lights--the party's over...

We had our annual Christmas get-together at our house last night. We refuse to call it a party because party implies we need to clean the house.

We had Kelly Rosebud's brisket, Popeye's spinach salad, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and apple crisp cake for desert. Wines, sweet tea, beer and vodka completed the menu. It was one of the biggest spreads I personally have ever cooked. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

Today as I type this, I am popping Maalox. Brisket, several different kinds of wine, and apple crisp cake is not a mix I'd recommend. Aaaahhhh.

Barrow Holiday Connection is winding down. I've coordinated (and not without an increase in swearing and hair pulling) 700 or so family applications (about 1650 kids) within a 6 week period. I've matched families with private donors and gotten a holiday "store" ready thanks to the work of seven or so very dedicated volunteers.

Three more days and I can rest and enjoy my Maalox in peace.


Cindy said...

Wow! Sounds like you have been crazy busy. And it also sounds like you made a lot of kids' Christmas a whole lot brighter. You deserve all of the brisket, wine, vodka and apple crisp that you want! Happy holidays to you and yours.


Congratulations on the successful "get together"! I applaud your hard work (the foods and drinks sound yum!). I am yet to throw a holiday shin-dig, and I gotta admit - it seems so daunting!

And feel better!!! Maalox is like remorse for the stomach. And while brisket, wine, and apple crisp might not go too well in the digestive sense, they must have tasted fabulous the night before!

Good luck with the Holiday Connection - you can do it!