Friday, December 7, 2007

Plaid, Plaid everywhere

I'm surrounded by plaid. Dave, God bless him, loves plaid. I don't mind it myself. I'd love to stare a good lookin' Scot with a plaid kilt. But good grief, Dave has taken plaid apparel to a whole new level. Red flannel plaid shirt with a blue plaid flannel pajama bottom. A green plaid coat. He looks like a demented elf! To make matters worse, he's passed the plaid gene on to Wesley who thinks it's perfectly fine to wear red plaid bottoms with yellow striped soccer shirt.

What brought this rant on against plaid? Zack's new collar for Christmas is plaid. ENOUGH!

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Turtle said...

You so made me laugh! I love plaid as well. (just got hubby new pj bottoms yesterday..sage plaid for xmas) When we moved to WA from HI he made me promise i would not live in a flannel plaid shirt, i love big baggy shirts vs a sweatshirt. I am so looking for a nice plaid color blend ( my old shirt walked away) to torment him with! At least your hubby knows what he likes! I think you need to find a cute bra/panty set in plaid...i have seen them! He may very much appreciate them*smile